"Good-time kronk vibes"

- Narc. Magazine, June 2016


sampledelia, digital turntablism, dub, electronica, drone, kronktronics.

An unwanted, feral offspring, shot out from the side of the Dressed In Wires loincloth.

Blood and thunder and chewed up chunder.

Bear come you can start to stomach.

Horrifying turns. Upset.

There's an LP ready but it needs putting out on vinyl really. Get in touch if you can help. Possibly a cassette release if they still make tapes long enough. In the meantime some near-pointless digital outpurrings will have to suffice.

Live outings are a tantalising possibility - we'll have to see about that, what do you reckon?

simondo [at] dressedinwires.co.uk if you need assistance, or anything at all.


Available on BandCamp:



"See You Later, Constip8R" by Bikini Ayatollah Soundsystem on Vimeo.







There are some embedded Soundcloud clips below, unless your Ghostery has blocked them. try here if so.