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Presenting, with some love, the new Dressed In Wires downloadable cassette, C:\>ninety.exe

This is to be downloaded and recorded onto C90 cassette, each song is 45 minutes in length and should fit on each side just perfect.

Please tape over existing music of your choice.

Release Date: 7th February 2011
Imprint: Bear With Me Records
Catalogue: bearbum#4572
Format: mp3 (under instructions to record onto tape)

Side A) Wide On
Side B) When I Awake In The Morning I Feel So Alive That I Consider Screaming And Simply Never Stopping



On sale as a 2-song package. Got some 3-tier pricing for this, depending on what you feel like paying (yes, what a brave new digital world): £1, £2, or £3.

The cassette box inlay artwork is included for you to print off, although you're welcome to do your own version if you like.

As an alternative, it is acceptable, although disappointing, to burn these works onto recordable compact discs or, at a push, merely transfer them to portable MP3 storage solutions, such as the Apple Corporation's popular "I Pod" series.

But remember, that would make baby jesus cry, if he was a tape.


"Hot slarts of painful waxing, messy razors, and tedious electrolysis, these wildly over-ambitious and contrasting pieces veer lewdly from digital bootmash mayhem, demonic thunderclouting gabbatronics, jaunty chip-shop-chip-hop and lurid krunkinggabbasquawk breakfelch splattercore twisted to the end of its natural course, fed into a machine. Eject, turn over, and get a nice wash of layered guitar loops, strings, noises, crackles, brooding, building, burgling, fed into a machine, fed into a machine, fed into a machine."



And oh, don't forget, there's a pop single from this: Wide On (radio edit), with b-sides and remix strands:

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Pop video :



Remix entries!


Wide On Remix by Siike92 by Dressed In Wires

Wide On (Remix by Sherlock Cock) by Dressed In Wires

Submit your own!-dowwwwnload the single for the fun to kick up...