Dressed In Wires: Lives Not Led (2010)  

Lives Not Led is an A/V film installation piece expanding on DiW's more recent avenues into transcendental bumfluffery of shoegazetronic erforschung, here engaging with the somnolent yet somewhat intermittently graceful minutia of cognitive presupposition relating to the mediocratic pursuits of purgative catharsis via particular subsets of milieu synthesis.

This page will be updated with details of upcoming installations and screenings. Currently organising the premiere showing so stay tuned, poppet.


Please contact at the email address below if you would like to facilitate a future screening of this work. Hello chief why not?


For collectors, There is also a strictly limited edition DVD available, 5 copies. They are £170.00 a gadge. Please email directly at simondo[atsymbol]dressedinwires.co.uk for availability and payment options.

Don't ask for preview streams of mp3s, wmvs or screenshots, there aren't any. This release will not be available for download as audio or visual either now or in the future.

Running Time: 45:00
Release Date: 1st March 2010
Catalogue: bearbum# 4571


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