"Bring The Exhibits" Part The First of Four:
--- When That Wicked King Was Slain, The Dogs, Did They Not Lick His Blood? ---

In stubbornly persisting with the outdated and unnecessary LP album format (set collection of specific tracks assembled in predetermined order within the arbitrary timeframe dictated by 1980s disc-based technology), Bear With Me Records present, with some love, a new one.

This is the first part of Bring The Exhibits, a sequenced collection of four such "albums" by Dressed In Wires.

Parts two, three and four will follow during the remaining months of the year.




If you reckon you don't want to pay money for this release, drop me a line at simondo@dressedinwires.co.uk with a quick explanation why, (or just say you can't) and i'll forward on the free download link.

Release Date: Valentine's Day, 14th February 2011
Imprint: Bear With Me Records
Catalogue: bearbum#6654
Format: CD, mp3

1. Lit By His Polaroid Flash Like Startled Survivors Of A Submarine Disaster
2. Dangerous Arsehole
3. Bits Of Sick Coming Out The Bottom
4. Seen You In Sinew
5. Kenny Magnet LIVES
6. A Cut On My Tongue
7. Vonilla
8. Operation Aww
9. Jelly Dong
10. Snake With Spider Legs
11. What Do You Think Lives Up There? Spite, Mainly

There will be 25 strictly limited edition special copies comprising of hand-sewn 16 page booklet packaging, for around 10 pounds each. There'll be more modest boring physical editions when those are all gone, alongside boring mp3 versions at dirt cheap prices, or torrentable for nothing if that's how you're going to insist.

Please note this version of the release is the collector's edition self-released "first pressing", before it is no doubt re-released next year by whichever record label's left. I'll buy youz a cocktail.

Electronics, Dub-bass splatter, Dubtech, Thugstep, Harsh Clunge, Wrong-Hop